Global Warming Paragraph


Global warming has now become one of the greatest problem for us. In recent years, there have been many alarming reports to the effect that the world's climate is undergoing a significant change. All these reports provide instant evidence that the world's temperature is increasing day by day. This is called global warming. This warming is caused by the increased amount of Carbon-di-oxide gases around the earth. Climatologists predict that midway through this century temperature may have risen by as much as 4°C. This could catastrophically reduce mankind's ability to grow food, destroy or cruelly damage wildlife, raise sea level and thereby flooded coastal areas and farmland. The alarming news about Bangladesh is that as a result of rise of the sea level the southern part of the country will go under water. The destruction of forests and other habitats is causing the extinction of plants and animals everyday. If we destroy forest and cut down trees, the effects will eventually endanger us all. So, we all should be conscious about this calamity and plant more trees to decrease global warming.


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